Atlanta Stretch SpA is a specialised company engaged in the production of automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch-film wrapping machines. Our more than Thirty-five years of experience has enabled us to develop and produce a complete range of wrapping machines, to suit every requirement.

We are very proud of our prominent sales and installations whitin a large range of sectors, these include FOOD & BEVERAGE multinationals, LOGISTICS, PAPER, CARDBOARD and TISSUE. We also have important customers in the CHEMICAL and PHARMACEUTICAL industries.
When you choose our pallet wrapping machinery, you get durability and reliability as standard.

 is a specialised company engaged in the production of packaging machines for food, beverage, pet food, detergents, lubricants and personal care products. At ATLANTA SpA, we always take into account your specific needs concerning productivity, innovation and competitiveness. We take pride in offering machines with simplified user operation and design solutions that best suit production and management requirements. The customer is our constant focus and we concentrate on getting the solution right for each individual company. Through ease of use, our machines enable increased versatility and therefore increased productivity. This is delivered through our ability to wrap a very wide range of products and vary the programmes according to specific needs.

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LP Packaging Srl  is a specialised company engaged in the production of packaging machines for food, beverage, pet food, detergents, lubricants and personal care products. This company meets the requirements, which are beyond the scope of our partner ATLANTA SpA.

LP Packaging Srl  has been designing and manufacturing automatic packaging & wrapping machines since 1985, gaining a extensive experience over that time. We focus on catering for the individual requirements of all customers and we offer clever solutions for their products, either new or existing, large or small, heavy or light. We use our considerable experience and know-how within many industries including Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and, of course, the world-wide manufacture of non-food products.

Please explore and ask for turnkey solutions from LP packaging machines. Our team is ready to assist and provide professional support to all our customers, satisfying their requests and needs with the best service available.

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COMARME Srl is the worldwide leading producer and distributor of case sealers using adhesive tape, gummed tape and hot melt glue.  The Company was established at the beginning of the 1900s. During the 1960’s its core business became the production of our case sealers range. The name “sealer” originates from the concept of sealing cartons with adhesive tape. This type of machine was pioneered and developed by Comarme through its passion and commitment to design the best packaging machines. 5 Years ago COMARME was purchased by the ATLANTA group of companies.

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The Atlanta group of companies:

  • Provides a wide range of durable equipment to meet your industry needs.
  • The Atlanta group has the individual model best suited to you.
  • We have manufactured and installed thousands of wrapping lines all across the world.
  • Satisfied the bespoke requirements of more than 15,000 customers.
  • From each and every business sector.

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