6 Mrz 2019


Although we still have many things to do, the move into our new premises finally took place on the 25th of January 2019. Thanks to the cooperation and consideration of everyone  involved in our daily business, it has been extremely smooth. Atlanta Stretch would like to say thank you to everyone for their understanding during this period.

I was personally impressed by the work completed by the people responsible for setting up the servers and our new network. The downtime for the server was only two hours and consequently disruption was kept to a bare minimum, the new server is now up and running and working well. The speed of this operation enabled us to work during the morning at the old factory, break for lunch and after collecting belongings and a 15 minute drive to the new factory, we were then able to settle ourselves in and be ready to start work the following morning.

Atlanta Stretch has made a huge step forward for the future, we now have an assembly location of 11.000m2 and are ready to meet all possible challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the marketplace. Apart from the assembly of wrapping machines we now have the space and capability to offer more integrated solutions for complete automatic packaging lines. Together with our important OEM clients this has now become and will continue to be one of our core businesses in the coming years.

We are more than happy to welcome you at our new location, Via Torrianese 58 – Poggio Torriana.

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