Lybra Auto

Automatic rotating arm stretch wrapper

Compact, high performance rotating arm machine for wrapping pallets with stretch film. Reliable,
robust construction. Equipped with electrical distributor and gears system for rotation of the arm.
Standard delivery with FE Magnetical brake system.

Easy to use, 99 pre-set wrapping cycles and the possibility of programming an unlimited number of options.
Electronically controlled pre-stretch carriage with rapid film loading system. (IRF SYSTEM).


Technical Characteristics

Total installed power:

min 1.2 (kW) max 2.2 (kW)

Standard input voltage:

230V three-phase - 50 Hz - 6A

Pneumatic supply:

5-6 bar; 100NL per pallet

Max pallet dimensions:

1000 x 1200 mm

Standard pallet height:

2200 mm

Maximum arm rotation speed:

12 rpm

Stretch film specifications

Recommended Stretch-film thickness

From 10 to 30 My

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