NEOS (Model 2023)



Atlanta Stretch strongly wanted to add Neos to its series of self-propelled wrapping robots. This top-ranked model is the only robot that can be equipped with ARYA a new patented technology that actually makes the wrapping process fully automatic.

Neos marks a breakthrough innovation in the panorama of semi-automatic stretch wrappers as it does not require the intervention of the operator to hook the film to the pallet performing a fully automatic cycle, without using compressed air and without mechanical options susceptible to wear and tear. To discover the patented ARYA system, click here.

Neos comes with a new design that seems to break completely with the past: eye-catching lines give strong character to the new Atlanta Stretch wrapping robot.

NEOS inherits all the expertise of Atlanta Stretch; this model boasts all the features and options of the Sfera series: it includes the possibility to choose between FM, FE, PRS and PS carriages and to replace them even after purchase where the customer’s needs require an upgrade of the machine.

The dual-motor PS pre-stretching carriage allows Neos to guarantee the lowest film consumption and highest functional reliability in the wrapping machine market.

Compared with Sfera Neos series, it has increased battery capacity to 120A, and new operator interface with 7-inch touch screen panel that can be programmed quickly and easily, installed. LEDs indicate the machine’s current status.

Neos, equipped with PS carriage and ARYA system, is the ground-breaking robot the market has been waiting for!



Technical Characteristics

Wrapping programs model NEOS:

Operating display 7" TOUCH with 99 Programs

Min pallet dimension:

650 x 400 mm

Max pallet dimension:

Pallet size can be programmed on the operating panel

Adjustable speed facilitated by frequency changer:

Max 65 m/min

Carriage braking system:

FM (FTL=Force to load)

Standard wrapping height:

2200 mm

Optional wrapping height:

2400 / 2700 / 3200 / 3500 / 3900 mm

Photocell detection of load height:


Adjustable Spool carriage speed facilitated by inverter:

From 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min

Upwards Spool carriage speed:

Independently settable

Downwards Spool carriage speed:

Independently settable

Lifting with fork lift truck:


Total installed power:

0,55 Kw

High frequency built-in battery charger:

230 V - 50/60 Hz

Standard charging voltage:

230 V - 50/60 Hz – 1 Ph

Operating voltage:

24 V

Electrical and motor protection system:

IP 20

Output capacity:

35 Pallets per Hour **

* Depending on configuration

** Depending on film quality and working environment:

Wrapping conditions and pallet dimensions have an influence on the Max output capacity

Stretch film specifications

Recommended Stretch-film thickness

From 10 to 23 µm

Available options

Magnetic brake system FE

✓ - FE (FTL = Magnetic brake force to load)

Power Pre-Stretch One Motor PRS

✓ (Included gears 150% / 200% / 250%)

Power Pre-Stretch Two Motors PS

Roping system

Precise stopping at cycle end

✓ (With Geo Kompass)

ARYA System

Optional list


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