Summer 2019 in Rimini was lovely this year and even September gave us some warm sparkling days, one after the other, almost as if this summer they didn’t want to leave us. It seemed like the weather was waiting for a good reason to finally say goodbye. The 21st of September provided just that opportunity with our long awaited opening event, which perfectly complimented the outgoing summer with an electric and sparkling celebration.


Guests were welcomed through the gates of the new Atlanta Stretch headquarters by the charming sound of a classical piano and violins. As they cross the threshold the splendid, centuries old, olive tree grandly reveals the impressive new sign which proudly welcomes everyone. Excited greetings and first handshakes are extended, instilling everyone with a mix of happy emotions created by the pleasure of finding oneself at a such a festive occasion.


The office tour is led by the area managers who touch on all the new facilities, starting with the bright friendly corridors, the majestic meeting room, the elegantly and minimally styled offices. Every room seems to have appealed to the taste of our guests!

The factory and our showroom were curiously explored with much enthusiasm. The photo wall we had set up transformed the area in front of the warehouse into a small, highly appreciated photo set.


For one special evening the sound of hammering was replaced by the graceful tapping of heels worn by elegant ladies. The flashing of welders was replaced by the flashing of cell phones and as they made their way through the factory lined by machines, guests were amazed when they found a lavishly prepared banqueting suite waiting for them.

LIGHT _  Coinciding with the arrival of our president, the factory lights were extinguished leaving the guests in the wonderful atmosphere of the divine melodic voice of Monica who got the Atlanta Stretch Gala Show dinner under way beneath an array of up to 12,000 led lights.


 AIR _ During dinner the lights were dimmed and the guests attention is focused on the aerial performances of magnificent acrobats who dance in the air to the rhythm of music accompanied by the voice of Monica, they combine to give us a unique and unforgettable feeling.




WATER_One of the room’s walls begins to rise like a curtain revealing a magnificent and unexpected surprise: a spectacle of dancing fountains that amazes the guests who approach it to enjoy the show up close

FIRE_ We could have finished with the usual fireworks instead we decided to add water to its opposite : fire. The two elements synchronise perfectly to perform a spectacular dance.




AND LIGHT AGAIN_ The light returns to be the protagonist with the show’s grand finale.


Instead of finishing now, our DJ opens up with a set based on successful dance music from the 90’s. The music is intoxicating and despite the late hour, guests feel pleased to move to the familiar beats revealing both prowess and skill as dancers   .


I’m sure everyone will remember this evening for a long time, each for a different reason, a different detail, a treasured memory .

That night the rain ended the summer and also our unforgettable evening.

Again, a heartfelt thanks from Atlanta Stretch for being part of it.