1 Okt 2021

MYTHO, the semi-automatic wrapping machine that „grows“ with the company

MYTHO was created with the aim to provide expanding companies the possibility of having a semi-automatic wrapping machine capable of adapting to their ever-changing needs with a low investment.

The standard FM type carriage (with mechanical brake) can be replaced with a FE, PRS (one motor pre-stretch) or PS (two motors pre-stretch) model: this allows the owner to significantly reduce the consumption of stretch film without replacing the whole machine with a consequence money saving

Let’s see together what are the main characteristics of MYTHO wrapping machine series analyzing the Return Of Investment associated wich this investment can grant.

The evolution of MYTHO SERIES semi-automatic wrapping machines

MYTHO semi-automatic series includes an arm model and a column model: in both model the action of an operator is essential : he has the task of loading the pallet in the correct position, cutting the stretch film and unloading the pallet once winding is completed

The flexibility and incredible adaptability of the MYTHO series place it at the top level in the rotary table range of Atlanta Stretch .

The strong orientation towards Research & Development has allowed us to design new configurations of this series of semi-automatic wrapping machines , design to meet the needs of different customers.

MYTHO AUTO, MYTHO STATION and MYTHO – are the natural evolution of MYTHO basical model.

Mytho Auto main features and benefits

Mytho Auto represents the first step towards automation: this semi-automatic wrapping machine is equipped standard with a system that does not require operator action to hook the film to the pallet and to cut it at cycle end.
This particular configuration allows to increase the number of pallets processed per hour, protecting the health of the operator who is not forced to make complex and heavy movements.
A further step towards the automation of the Mytho series range is rapreented by Mytho Station : here the pallets arrive directly from a motorized roller conveyor.

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Features and benefits of Mytho-A

MYTHO-A is a fully automatic wrapping machine model, which owes its success to its being incredibly flexible: the numerous options available allow it to satisfy all the widespread needs in the market.
Compared to other automatic wrapping machines, Mytho-A offers unique solutions.

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Comparing FM trolley, PS trolley and PRS trolley, this is how you can get the maximum return on MYTHO investment

The possibility to adapt the wrapping machine to the evolution of the company’s needs makes MYTHO the most performing and convenient solution when of our semi-automatic range.
YYou can start with an FM carriage with mechanical brake, that is characterized by a quick replacement of the reel, with no need to adjust the brake before , and a force to load of the film film up to 50/60%.
Following the evolution of its needs, the company can choose between:

  • A PRS trolley, with pre-stretch possibility and one motor, we have a motorized system with three rollers electronically managed and equipped with interchangeable ratios that allow a fixed pre-stretch of 250%
  • A PS carriage equipped with a motorized system with three rollers and two motors, and a higher force to load film capacity between 120% and 350%, adjustable from control panel. The higher force to load capacity of the film makes this a money saving solution.

The FM trolley allows you to stretch the stretch film by 50/60%, therefore on average, 400g are required to wrap a 800X1200X2000 pallet: the stretch film average market cost is € 1.80 / kg therefore, for each pallet cost about 0.72 €.

Considering that the STD FM carriage allows you to wrap about 20 pallets per day in 250 working days, the cost of the film is around € 3,600 per year.
We do the same calculations considering that the pallets wrapped daily are 40:

  • with an FM carriage we have a cost of € 7200 (40×0.72×250)
  • with a PRS carriage we have a cost of € 3200 (40×0.32×250)

Considering that even if the PRS has a higher initial cost, this is the best solution with an estimated Return On Investment of about 6 months.

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