16 nov 2021

The commercial strength of ATLANTA STRETCH semiautomatic wrapping machines

Innovation has always been a very important part of the corporate values held by Atlanta Stretch.

Over recent years we have been able to make key investments in research and development. These have made it possible to create a range of functional and state-of-the-art semi-automatic wrapping machines, these machines represent many innovations together with a series of proprietary patents.

All of the <strong><a href=”https://www.atlantastretch.com/catalogo/semi-automatics/”>semi-automatic wrapping machines</a></strong> manufactured by our company are guaranteed to deliver both considerable savings in energy consumption and productivity gains by :
<li>Technical design solutions that facilitate fast and efficient installation.</li>
<li>Providing a range of film carriages that are equipped with modern pre-stretch systems which significantly reduce film usage, with each load.</li>
<li>Designing models where the traditional column has been improved upon, allowing them to operate in low level buildings and require significantly less maintenance.</li>
<h2><strong>The strength of Atlanta Stretch semi-automatic machines in 6 points</strong></h2>
To be certain we offer our customers solutions that provide the highest quality and the latest technology possible, we regularly study demands in the marketplace.

Many of our competitors choose to produce in-house control panels and motors for each machine model. This often means finding spare parts in the market generates high costs for distributors and, consequently, for end customers.

Furthermore, even management of the warehouse becomes incredibly complex in the face of numerous spare part codes to manage.

<strong>The above does not happen to our dealers who, on the contrary, have a warehouse to manage with a much lower number of codes and spare parts.</strong>

To date, the commercial strength of our company’s range of semi-automatic wrapping machines can be summarised in six points:
<li>Single electronic board for all models.</li>
<li>Use of commercial components and inverters.</li>
<li>Competitive spare part prices.</li>
<li>Interchangeable carriages.</li>
<li>TP turntable with a variety of different configurations.</li>
<li>Pre-stretch rollers which are made from anti-cut polyurethane.</li>
<h2><strong>Semi-automatic turntable wrapping machines and semi-automatic rotating arm wrapping machines</strong></h2>
Our range of semi-automatic wrapping machines includes models with <em>rotating arms</em> and <em>turntables</em>, each with specific technical characteristics that demonstrate their commercial strength.

<strong>Rotating arm wrapping machines</strong> are characterized by a mechanical arm that wraps the pallet by turning around the load.

Ideal for those looking for solutions suitable for very light or very heavy but unstable loads, they provide an intermediate level of productivity when compared to models with rotary tables and rotary rings.

The semi-automatic Lybra machines are designed with a gear that drives the arm, which ensures both minimal resistance and maximum strength.

The EVA, SYNTHESI, SYNTHEX, MYTHO AND MYTHO AUTO are all <strong>rotary turntable wrapping machines</strong> which are characterised by low maintenance costs, ease of installation and durability.

In addition to all the aspects demonstrated so far, they also have key commercial strengths:
<li>The <strong>octagonal base</strong> design provides great stability and provides enhanced resistance to the unintended and occasional contact with a moving forklift truck.</li>
<li>These machines are <strong>easily relocated</strong> because they are cleverly designed to be movable by a forklift truck from either the front or the rear. This allows them to be installed close to walls and reduces the space they need to take up.</li>
<li><strong>Operator protection systems</strong> activate when they detect obstacles, for example the carriage is automatically lifted about 10cm when an operator places their foot in the way.</li>
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