9 Aug 2022

Atlanta Stretch’s advice for choosing a pallet wrapping machine

Thanks to wrapping machines, we can protect materials and goods from the action of the weather (when they remain outside for a long time), from shocks during movement and make them more stable when transported on pallets.

There is a series of steps the customer can take to understand exactly what he needs before even sending his enquiry to the pallet wrapping machine supplier.

The brief guide that follows is based on two fundamental aspects:

– the choice of automation level;
– the operating method.

Pallet wrappers: how hard will the wrapping machine have to work?

Depending on the amount of work the machine will have to cope with, it is possible to direct the choice between automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machines.

As a general guideline, when internal calculations define a maximum quantity of between 10 and 20 pallets packed per hour, it is preferable to opt for a semi-automatic model; when the number of pallets packed per hour exceeds 15 to 20, an automatic wrapping machine is what the company needs.


What makes an automatic wrapping machine different from a semi-automatic one?


Semi-automatic wrapping machines work in the presence of an operator who is in charge of positioning the load, connecting the stretch film to the pallet, cutting the film at the end of the cycle and unloading the pallet.

To make each operation smooth and safe, protecting the health and safety of the operator, it is important to choose a wrapping machine with adequate ergonomics.

>> Read the news on the ergonomics of semi-automatic wrapping machines for more details

Automatic wrapping machines operate completely autonomously.
The pallets to be wrapped are transported by means of roller or chain conveyors to the predefined place: at this point the wrapping cycle begins and continues according to the required program settings.

When the wrapping cycle is complete, the pallet is conveyed to the exit for discharge.

With such a high level of automation, it is important that the wrapping machine is equipped with all the necessary elements to guarantee safety as required by law.


The main types of pallet wrapping machines: ROTARY TABLE, ROTARY ARM OR ROTARY RING and  WRAPPING ROBOTS

The type of wrapping machine is the second factor to be considered.

The macro-categories we can identify are the following: with rotary table, with rotary arm or self-propelled robot.
Let is together discover the characteristics of each.

In the rotary table wrapping machine models, the load is positioned on a turntable which, by turning, together with the vertical movement of the spool carriage, allows the wrapping process to take place. In the case of the rotary arm or rotary ring type, the load remains static and it is the mechanism on which the carriage is mounted that moves and applies the film.

Finally, we have the self-propelled wrapping machines, i.e. robots that can be easily moved according to requirements and that perform advanced wrapping programmes, moving autonomously around the loads to be wrapped.

The models of self-propelled wrapping machines produced by our company are MARATHON, SFERA and NEOS:
the former wraps thanks to the operator’s push and the upward and downward movement of the trolley by means of a series of mechanical controls on the handlebars; it is ideal when production is less than 20 pallets per day.
Sfera and Neos, on the other hand, are real robots that move around autonomously thanks to a guide wheel that follows the shape of the load to be wrapped. Sfera and Neos are the right wrapping robots for daily productions between 15 and 180 pallets.

The choice of pallet wrapper model with rotary table, rotating arm or ring or self-propelled also depends on the weight and stability of the load.

Pallet stretch wrapping machines: what other factors help to optimise packaging costs?

The choice of the right wrapping machine model to meet a company’s specific packaging requirements is certainly the first step in working on cost optimisation in the long term.

But there are other aspects that should be carefully considered and evaluated, first and foremost the amount of stretch film used.
The producer of these stretch film pallet wrapping machines equips them with different options and devices to enable their customers to achieve this important saving objective.

For example, Atlanta Stretch’s semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines are equipped with:

1. HIGH PERFORMANCE SPOOL CARRIAGES: the same carriages used for automatic machines are also used for semi-automatic machines so as to have very high performance even for the cheapest models and maximum reliability at a highly competitive market cost. A PRS or PS pre-stretch trolley from Atlanta Stretch offers savings of over 60% compared to FM and FE trolleys.
2. INTERCHANGEABLE SPOOL CARRIAGES: for the Mytho , Mytho S , Sfera and Neos models, it is possible to upgrade by replacing the original trolley at a later date with higher performance models in line with the evolution of the purchasing company. This can be done at an extremely low price and time without having to replace the entire machine. The return on investment in this way is very short


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