28 feb 2022

The strengths of semi-automatic wrapping machines and the great value achieved from their practical design

The consistent theme that emerges from the articles we have written about our range of semi-automatic wrapping machines is their ability to completely negate the need for any manual wrapping operations.

Making the pallet wrapping phase almost completely automated allows us to reduce the chance of human error and as a direct consequence increase the overall productivity in relation to the total number of pallets wrapped.

Not only that, but there is also an important improvement in the quality of the wrapping.

These important milestones are made possible by the ergonomic design that is typical of our semi-automatic wrapping solutions.

The following aspects dramatically improve the practical, operator friendly nature of our machines: the low profile table, the F62 program, the F29 soft start cycle, the innovations introduced on the Sfera 2400 model and the structure of the EVA model.

In the course of this article we will analyse each of the elements listed and, only at the end, we will reveal “what’s cooking” at the next trade show where we will be exhibiting.

MARATHON The ergonomics approach in our semi-automatic wrapping machines

In semi-automatic machines, the operator has the task of: positioning the pallet, connecting and attaching the stretch film to it, starting the wrapping cycle and cutting the film if there is no option that takes care of it automatically.

Once all these operations have been completed, it is the operator who then removes the pallet by placing it in the warehouse or loading it on the vehicle for transport to the customer.

Guaranteeing customers the highest possible level of ergonomics means allowing them to carry out all these operations in a simple and “comfortable” way, thus we are also protecting their health and safety of all employees.

Let’s see in detail the different ergonomic solutions designed for operators:

    By reducing the height of the turntable from the ground to only 25mm requires less effort for the operator when loading the pallet; additionally, the footprint is also reduced compared to a classic ramp.
    Thanks to this program, the operator will no longer need to bend to the ground to perform cutting, reel change or attaching film to the pallet as he can set a predefined height for the carriage at the end of the wrapping cycle.
    The first round of wrapping takes place in a slowed down mode: this reduces cases of film tearing when the corners of the pallet are very sharp and avoids the operator having to repeat the film attachment operation several times; also the application of cardboard corners and / or labels is easier and faster.
    This semi-automatic wrapping machine model ensures that the operator no longer has to bear the weight of the film reel and make movements that will cause damage to their back with constant use.
    >>> Discover the Marathon model
  • SPHERE 2400
    We have revised the Sfera model by adding a new column for a wrapping height of 2400mm, a big step forward in terms of ergonomics as it is no longer necessary to assemble the column: the robot is shipped completely assembled.
    >>> Discover the Sfera 2400 model


The 6 strengths of ATLANTA STRETCH semi-automatic wrapping machines

Ergonomics is undoubtedly one of the factors that contributes to increasing the commercial value of our semi-automatic wrapping machines.

To this are added the 6 elements we mentioned in the article on the commercial strengths of our semi-automatic wrapping machines, let’s look at them in detail.


We have chosen to mount a single electronic board on all semi-automatic wrapping machine models : in practice, the only difference will be the particular software necessary for each machine model .

Through remote interventions, our technicians take care of upgrading and updating the machine by activating new functions.

In this way we offer:

  • a higher level of assurance and reliability;
  • highly flexible solutions compared to our competitors;
  • Shorter delivery times and a reduction in the cost of spare parts.


The choice to use components and commercial inverters for speed control in all machines favours greater flexibility in terms of supply of materials, lower costs of spare parts themselves and less warehouse costs for the reseller.


All the choices and aspects analysed up to this point introduce one of the main strengths of our commercial offer relating to spare parts.

Thanks to our high production flexibility, most of the spare parts are 40% cheaper than those offered by our competitors .


It is natural that our customers load requirements will evolve over time, especially in the case of young companies.

Much of the competition in the marketplace “forces” the customer to change the wrapping machine model: Atlanta Stretch is the only company able to change the reel carriage model after delivery.

Those who choose to purchase a semiautomatic wrapping machine model such as MYTHO or SFERA with an FM type carriage can request its replacement with one of the FE, PRS or PS type to meet emerging technical and economic needs.
The use of interchangeable film carriages allows you to obtain the maximum return on your investment.

In this regard, I recommend that you read the news dedicated to The MYTHO, the semiautomatic that grows with the company.


Compared to the competition, which mounts rubber-coated pre-stretch rollers on its machines, we have chosen to use anti-cut polyurethane solutions which are characterised by a lower after-sales cost and high performance.

Replacing the film reels is also very simple: The Mytho model, for example, is equipped with a film change system that is made even easier by opening the back of the carriage.


Our mission has always been to design intelligent and safe solutions for operators, capable of guaranteeing high productivity and a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

For this reason, Atlanta Stretch’s range of semi-automatic machines includes a series of wrapping machines equipped with a rotating table with an easily reversable load direction.

The transpallet turntable supports three different loading methods and, depending on the customer’s needs, it is quick and easy to apply any changes.

As with the film carriages this high level of flexibility means that unlike our competitors, there is no need to go through a costly and inconvenient process of buying a completely new machine, when the requirements of your business only change slightly.

Among the semi-automatic wrapping machines with rotating tables we have EVA, SYNTHESI, MYTHO and MYTHO AUTO.

ATLANTA STRETCH returns to the show: see you at Ipackima!

Semi-automatic wrapping machines will be the stars of the Atlanta Stretch stand at the Ipackima trade show which is due to be held in Milan from 3 to 6 May.

There we will present a revolutionary development in the world of semi-automatic machines that will completely change the way pallet wrappers are used.

At the moment we cannot reveal anymore information but we promise assure you that it will be something NEVER SEEN BEFORE and something you don’t want to miss !!

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