Rotary Arm machines

The rotary arm stretch wrapper machine are one of the pallet wrapping machines category that differentiate for the presence of a mechanical arm that “turns around” the pallet to be packed.

This type is placed, by productivity, at an intermediate level compared to machines with rotary table (lower average productivity) and those with rotary ring (higher average productivity).

The rotary arm stretch wrapper machine (such as Lybra and Revolution) offer a new range of solutions for customers who need to wrap very heavy or very light unstable loads, where a machine with rotary platform may be inadequate.

Pallet wrapper with rotary arm: automatic and semi-automatic

Pallet stretch wrap machine with rotary arm is available both in the automatic version, where no intervention of the operator is necessary, and in the semi-automatic version, where the operator must carry out the activities of connection and cutting of the stretch film.

The automatic wrapping machines for pallet models

Lybra Station Macchina AutomaticaLybra Station: it is a rotary arm wrapper machine, sturdy and reliable that uses the plastic stretch film for wrapping the pallet.

The machine has a reduced footprint and high performances; it is possible to adjust the parameters for the speed of rotation of the arm and, independently, the speed of the carriage up and down.

Unlike its competitors, the arm is by gear and not by chain – this has the result of a more sturdy construction, less subject to wear and kickbacks.

The edge of the rotary arm has a shock sensor; thereby anyone on the path of the arm is protected against the risk of accidental impacts.

>> See Lybra Station




Revolution Double Fascia PalletRevolution: The Revolution stretch wrapper machine has a sturdy four column design; it is a machine completely automatic with rotary arm.

Installed in a transport line, the machine does not need the intervention of the operator unless for changing the reels. Use of pre-elongation motorised rollers increases considerably the performance of the stretch film reel, by improving also the containment of the load. The standard Revolution range is available in three forms, low, average and high speed with the high speed unit able to make 80 pallets per hour depending on the number of film revolutions needed.

Also available is the double reel Revolution Double for very high performances, up to 100 pallets/h.

>> See Revolution (LS HS)

Semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper machines:

Lybra e Lybra Auto: the machines of the Lybra line are available also in the semi-automatic or automatic stand alone version, where against a lower productivity and a minimum intervention by the operator, it is possible to have efficient machinery at low cost.

Lybra, unlike its competitors, does not use a chain guide for handling the arm, but has a gear that ensures greater sturdiness and lesser wear.

The unit can also be mounted on the ground or bolted to an existing column or to a wall, for a higher gain of space.

>> See Lybra





Machines are often chosen on the basis of the productivity that they can generate, our rotary arms can manage from 55 up to 80 pallets/h.

Whereas, our most performing, the Revolution Double, reaches up to 100 pallets/h.

Rotary arm stretch wrapper machine: options

Among the available options there are:

  • Pallet holding presser
  • Self-regulating stretch film welding system
  • Rope system
  • Hermetic covering device or anti-dust of the pallet on automatic wrapper

Our machines use simple and innovative solutions, ensuring a greater production speed (greater productivity) compared with those of the competitors, and low cost.

All pallet stretch wrap machine with rotary arm are manufactured according to the EC Standards and have a warranty of 12 months.

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