Revolution Double

  • Altezza Standard di avvolgimento: 2000 mm
  • Altezza linea alimentazione standard: da 450 a 500 mm
  • Velocità rotazione braccio regolabile con inverter: max 30 giri al minuto
  • Velocità di discesa del carrello: selezionabile liberamente


The Revolution double is another ATLANTA Stretch patented system. It has all the advantages of the standard REVOLUTION LS / HS; however, this system is equipped with TWO film carriages of your choice. It is a unique offering in the market place and guarantees an increased output of at least a further 25%.

Due to the simple way the film reel is changed and the unique cutting and clamping system we have developed, the machine is entirely maintained by having access on only one side of the machine. This eliminates the need to cross the conveyor and therefore any potential dangers involved. Due to these and other intentional design features, the revolution is guaranteed to provide a safe working environment.

Revolution Double


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Revolution Double



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    Revolution Double


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