6 Dec 2021

Advantages and features of the SYNTHESI semi-automatic turntable wrapping machine

SYNTHESI is a <strong>stretch wrapping machine from the semi-automatic range </strong>which is designed to be the ideal solution for those companies that are looking for an easy to install wrapper that is economical, durable, highly flexible and is also simple to maintain.

The commercial strength of the SYNTHESI is the based on three key aspects:
<li>Superior ergonomic design for usability and safety.</li>
<li>Availability and ease of sourcing spare parts in the market place.</li>
<li>The ability to modify film tension to suit all wrapping requirements.</li>
Let’s analyse together what features and advantages this machine offers and highlight the factors that contribute to its commercial success.
<h2><strong>A brief presentation of the SYNTHESI semi-automatic wrapping machine</strong></h2>
SYNTHENSI is part of our family of semi-automatic machines where the load to be wrapped is placed on a Turntable.

It is ideally suited for wrapping pallet loads of boxes, cans, agricultural type bags, glass bottles and any mixed loads.

To ensure customers have the right solution for their wrapping needs, Atlanta Stretch offers customers the opportunity to choose the diameter of the turntable and the height of the column to reflect individual and specific needs.

The <strong>turntables</strong> are available in the following sizes (diameters shown):
<li>Ø 1500 Std = 800×1200 mm;</li>
<li>Ø 1650 Opt = 1000×1200 mm;</li>
<li>Ø 1800 Opt = 1200×1200 mm;</li>
<li>Ø 2200 Opt = 1500×1500 mm;</li>
<li>Ø 2400 Opt = 1650×1650 mm;</li>
<li>Ø 2600 Opt = 1830×1830 mm</li>
Height options available for the <strong>wrapping head</strong> (column heights shown):
<li>Opt 3900;</li>
<li>Opt 3500;</li>
<li>Opt 3200;</li>
<li>Opt 2700;</li>
<li>Opt 2500;</li>
<li>Std 2200.</li>
Another choice available is to specify a loading ramp which can either fit a standard table, a <strong>trans pallet style turntable</strong> or a <strong>low-profile turntable</strong>.

The <strong>LOW-PROFILE</strong> base has a smaller footprint than the standard turntable (including ramp), greater ergonomics and a has a turntable that is only 25 mm high; the <strong>TP base</strong> has features designed to facilitate the choice of three different ways to load the pallets. Firstly the direction of pallet entry can be modified post-delivery, a safety photocell is included which prevents the turntable from moving and stops the turntable in case of an emergency. Additionally, the safety system controlling the film carriage, as in all our turntable models, protects the operator in the event of a collision with the film carriage during the descent phase.

Specifically, the SYNTHESI machine with TP BASEMENT is able to support a pallet:
<li>with a maximum weight of 1200kg;</li>
<li>Ø 1650 Opt = 1000×1200 mm;</li>
<li>Ø 1800 Opt = 1200×1200 mm.</li>
The <strong>operating panel</strong> is easily programmable and can store up to three programs. It is also possible to adjust the film tension applied to the pallet by the film carriage at any stage during the wrapping cycle. This allows the operator to have bespoke programmes for each type of load to be wrapped.
<h2><strong>The Synthesi is designed with simplicity and ease of operation for changing the film reel</strong></h2>
As shown in the article detailing the <span style=”color: #ff0000;”><strong><a style=”color: #ff0000;” href=”https://www.atlantastretch.com/stream/mytho-the-semi-automatic-wrapping-machine-that-grows-with-the-company/”>features and advantages of the MYTHO semi-automatic wrapping machines</a></strong></span>, The SYNTHESI can also be configured with either an FE type or the FM type film carriage.

The film carriage equipped with a <strong>mechanical brake (FM)</strong>, requires the machine to be stationary for adjustments to be made to film tension. However, the carriages equipped with an <strong>electromagnetic brake (FE)</strong> allow for film tension adjustments to be made while the machine is running. These changes are made via the operator panel and therefore can made at any stage of the wrapping process and whilst the film carriage is at any height

All our semi-automatic turntable machines, allow for the operator to enter a pre-set height at which the carriage stops when the cycle ends. This innovation allows for the film carriage to return up to the optimum height for an operator to change the film reel, thereby limiting the amount of lifting that is required and facilitating the most efficient reel change operation.
<h2><strong>Available options for the SYNTHESI semi-automatic wrapping machine</strong></h2>
The SYNTHESI semi-automatic wrapping machine is highly versatile and can be easily customised using some or all of the options below:
<li>An integrated electronic system for indicating the weight of the film consumed.</li>
<li>A specific packaging system for doors and windows.</li>
<li>An automatic film cutting system at the end of the cycle (FE carriage).</li>
<li>A top press for holding the pallet and stabilising the load.</li>
<li>A film gathering system available in manual version with FM carriage and an automatic version is available with the FE carriage. This option reduces the height of the film applied and increases the stability of the load once it is wrapped</li>
The SYNTHESI can also be used in low temperature environments such as cold rooms. This is made possible thanks to an electrical system and motors which carry IP 55 protection. It also has silicone electrical cables, hermetic control panel and uses specific types of greases and oils inside the exchange boxes.

<span style=”color: #ff0000; font-size: 22px;”><strong><span style=”color: #000000;”><strong>Do you think SYNTHESI is the best solution for your company? Request a consultation now from the Atlanta Stretch experts: <a href=”https://www.atlantastretch.com/contact/”><span style=”color: #ff0000;”>contact us</span></a>!</strong></span></strong></span>

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