26 Mar 2024

ARYA & NEOS: When Technology Boosts Safety

ARYA & NEOS: How Technology Boosts Safety in the Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machines Range


In the packaging industry, safety is a critical component that often comes second to productivity.

However, with the introduction of the patented ARYA system and the NEOS model, we are witnessing a revolution where safety at work is no longer a compromise

but an integrated feature that also improves efficiency.

In the world of semi-automatic wrapping machines, the patented ARYA system is a real game-changer. With the highest level of automation in the semi-

automatic range, ARYA brings a series of advanced features designed to improve both productivity, safety and ergonomics in the industrial field.




With ARYA, automation reaches new heights, especially in the phase where the stretch film is automatically attached to the pallet, reducing the need for operator interaction

and, consequently, the risk of repetitive and manual work-related injuries. This innovation does not only speed up the process but also ensures that operators are away from the

movable parts of the machine and perform repetitive and physically wearing movements.



The Invisible Guardian: NEOS Laser Scanner


Proactive safety is at the heart of Neos equipped with the Laser Scanner system. This option constantly scans the area around the machine, stopping the

machine if an obstacle is detected. The traditional protective bumper is surpassed by this technology, which ensures that the safety area is always free

before proceeding.



Illuminating Safety with the ‘Safety Blue Light Arc’


Visibility is a key aspect of safety and Atlanta Stretch knows this. With the Safety Blu Light Arc, every operator is immediately conscious of the active work

area, a visual signal that prevents accidents and encourages space awareness.

Active Accident Prevention


Neos Laser Scanner automatically slows down the movement of the wrapping robot when obstacles are detected, an important feature that prevents and anticipates dangerous situations, while the possibility of

an emergency stop and manual restart ensures that, even after a safety stop, work can be resumed quickly without compromising operator protection.



Automation and Safety: Inseparable Allied



Finally, with automatic film cutting at the end of the cycle, Neos Laser Scanner and the patented ARYA system demonstrate that complete automation can go hand in hand with safety. Operators are exposed to

less mechanical risks and can concentrate on safer and more productive tasks.


ARYA and NEOS are brilliant examples of how technological innovation can optimise workplace safety, elevating standards for the packaging industry.


These systems not only improve productivity but also confirm the importance of safety, proving that a safer working environment is also a more efficient and productive


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