17 Oct 2022


Last week in Istanbul, our business partner  in Turkey, Bosforo, attended at  Eurasia Packaging 2022  exhibition  presenting the latest Atlanta Stretch products in particular for the Food Processing sector.

Sfera, one of our most iconic models ,could not miss it! This the self-propelled wrapping robot is one of the most reliable products on the market, one of its main characteristic is  certainly  the possibility to move it from one side to another of warehouses and laboratories, as its size allows it to pass under doors.

Also our Eva and Synthesi rotary tables have, as always, attracted the curiosity of many potential customers. In particular, Synthesi equipped with the  motorised pre-stretch OPRS carriage  is the ideal semi-automatic wrapper for those companies that need to optimise  wrapping  times and film consumption simply by adjusting the tension from the operator panel. To find out all the features of our turnables click here.

Once again we thank Bosforo and are proud to offer winning business opportunities to our  partners!


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