Mobile wrapping machines

In the late 70’s of the 20th century two young engineers had a great idea. With the upcoming use of LLDPE stretch-film to stabilize pallets, they have invented a semi-automatic wrapping machine, which, compared to the other types, had a self-guide and therefore moved independently around the pallet to be wrapped.

Today Mr Angelo Forni and Mr. Gianni Bevilaqua have produced more than 28.000 pieces of this type of machine. Having such great experience, It was not difficult for Atlanta Stretch SpA to develop the successfull model SFERA, a mobile wrapping machine which can wrap in less than a minute palletized loads of any shape, weight and dimension. It is particularly suitable to wrap heavy, unstable, or over-dimensioned pallets.

Thanks to the mobile arm, the machine is very compact, passes or works at narrow heights and if not needed, it can be stacked under a rack occuping as less space possible.

Introduction of our MOBILE wrapping machines: MARATHON , SFERA e NEOS



This is a unique, manually operated, patented machine. The operator guides the machine around the product and the mechanism moves the film carriage up and down, thereby producing perfect wrapping for all types and sizes of products and pallets. Entry level machine for businesses wrapping a small quantity of pallets per day (<20 Pallets).


Wrapping Robot, with batteries on board, used for wrapping pallets of varied shapes and sizes. It operates in a small area, by means of a guided wheel which follows the outline shape of the product being wrapped.
Provides freedom to wrap at different locations and is capable of wrapping a significant number of pallets per day (>15 < 180 Pallets).


This top-ranked model is the only robot that can be equipped with ARYA a new patented technology that actually makes the wrapping process fully automatic.

Neos marks a breakthrough innovation in the panorama of semi-automatic stretch wrappers as it does not require the intervention of the operator to hook the film to the pallet performing a fully automatic cycle, without using compressed air and without mechanical options susceptible to wear and tear.


  • The machine is convenient and compact;
  • Is suitable also in small spaces due to its dexterity and the possibility of moving it away when no longer used;
  • It does not need particular maintenance;
  • It does not need to be registered or “lubricated” to facilitate the movement;
  • The Touchscreen facilitates a range of well-thought over functionalities;
  • The insertion system of the stretch film is really simple;
  • It ensures a low consumption of the film;
  • Mobile wrapping machine does not need installation, but it reaches destination ready for use;
  • The average charge of 8 hours allows a production of approx. 200 pallets;
  • The standard height is 2.050 mm but, upon request, it can reach 3.500 mm.

Options available:

  • Upgrade of carriage pre stretch system possible;
  • Power pre-stretch with one or two motors;
  • Column for loads up to 3.500 mm;
  • Automatic cutting of the film, at the end of the cycle;
  • Checking weight of the used LLDPE film;
  • ARYA system (Only for Neos).